Aristo® Tig 4000i

Aristo® Tig 4000i

Aristo® Tig 4000i

Aristo® Tig 4000i

Aristo® Tig 4000i
Aristo® Tig 4000i
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Aristo® Tig 4000i
Aristo® Tig 4000i
Aristo® Tig 4000i

Aristo® Tig 4000i


Aristo® Tig 4000i is a ideal partner when it comes to efficient production indoors or outdoors, installation on site or all type of repair & maintenance welding.

The power source is a compact and sturdy piece of equipment with a chassis made of extruded aluminium sections: Alutech™. This is a robust material that withstands rough treatment.

The power source is based on inverter IGBT technology that provides reliable equipment with outstanding welding characteristics.

The communications and control CAN-bus system means less cables, which in turn increases operational reliability.

Technical data

Aristo® Tig 4000i  
Mains Voltage, V/Hz 3x400, 50/60
Fuse, anti-surge, A 20
Mains cable, mm2 4x4
Setting range, A 4-400
Permitted load, 40oC  
at 35% duty cycle TIG, A/V 400/26
at 60% duty cycle TIG, A/V 320/23
at 100% duty cycle TIG, A/V 250/20 
Open circuit voltage, U0 max  
Without VRD function  78-90 V
MMA VRD function deactivated  58 V
VRD function activated  <35 V
Energy save mode, W 60
Apparant power at max, kVA 18.6
Power factor at maximum current 0.9
Efficiency at maximum current, % 86
Dimensions l x w x h, mm 625 x 394 x 496
Enclosure class IP 23
Insulation class H
Operating temperature -10 to +40°C
Weight, kg 61.5
incl. Water cooling unit 81.5
Application class S
Standards IEC/EN 60974-1-2-3-10




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